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Happytails Ear Aid Set: Dog Ear Wipes & Ear Clear

$ 32.95
Our Ear Clear Serum provides fast-acting relief and healing for dog ear infections. An all-natural blend of herbs and oils, this serum soothes, heals and protects your dog's delicate ears.Does your doggy suffer from ear infections? The Happytails Ear Aid Dog Ear Wipes & Ear Clear Set can help. Happytails developed a highly effective program using both these products called Ear Aid, which works to clean, deodorize, and protect a dog's ears. The program consists of two steps: first, an external cleaning of the ears, and then a serum that goes into the ear canal to heal delicate tissue and protect from bacteria. Step One: Clean and Deodorize For this step, use our Dog Ear Wipes to clean your dog's delicate ears. The pre-moistened pads contain colloidal silver, an all-natural ingredient that suppresses bacteria, and witch hazel, which has been used for generations to safely cleanse and sanitize. Our botanical blend gets rid of dirt, wax and debris while reducing unpleasant odors. Step Two: Heal and Protect During step two, you will be using Ear Clear - an antibacterial/antimicrobial formula that breaks down wax buildup that can often be a breeding ground for infections. Ear Clear contains arnica and chaparral oils to decrease the pain and discomfort caused by swelling. It also contains organic comfrey and calendula which soothes, heals and protects. Add a touch of essential oil of lavender to remove unpleasant odors and you have a complete solution for ear health! All in all, the Happytails Ear Aid Set is easy to use, all natural, highly effective and extremely affordable! Grab the set today while they're still in stock, and give your dog the peace and comfort that come with happy, healthy ears. Ear Aid:
  • Contains no pharmaceuticals or chemicals
  • For smelly, itchy, infected ears
  • Quickly and easily clears away dirt & debris
  • Are all natural
  • Cleans, refreshes & restores
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