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About Us

How one adorable Pomeranian started it all.

ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills is the premiere online boutique for small-breed dogs! We offer high-end doggy fashions and accessories that are always stylish and on trend. Jacklynn, the proud companion of adorable pomeranians Zoe and Izzy, created this site to educate and give support to doggy parents so they can do the best job possible keeping their much-loved pups healthy and happy. (Don’t miss Jacklynn’s story below!)

All the fashions and accessories we offer are hand-picked by Jacklynn, so you can be sure that your doggy is receiving the best of the best every time you purchase something from our boutique. Jacklynn, Zoe and Izzy have been hard at work creating ZoeDoggy Couture and Izzy Urban Doggy Street Wear, two doggy fashion lines that are scheduled for release in 2015. We’re super excited about it, and Zoe and Izzy can’t wait to see their friends wearing the stylish designs they’re creating! If you want to learn more and receive exclusive offers when these new lines come out, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter here.

ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills is proud to be partnered with the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue Group. A percentage of all sales are shared with this charity, which is dedicated to the well-being of animals.

Jacklynn & Zoe’s Story:

When Jacklynn first met Zoe, she wasn’t planning on buying a dog. In fact, she wasn’t even looking to buy a pet at all, though she’s always had pets in her life. But on her birthday seven years ago, when she stepped out of the elevator at the Beverly Center on the wrong floor, Jacklynn came face-to-face with the adorable Pomeranian who started it all, and the two have been inseparable ever since.
“As soon as I saw her I knew we were family,” Jacklynn says of falling in love with Zoe at first sight. “I literally stepped out of the elevator, saw her in a pet store and walked straight towards her.” (A store that now is out of business, since the public has become aware of puppy mills and the bad business of breeding.) “An employee named Angel was carrying her from the case in the front towards the back. He said she didn’t have as much value because she wasn’t a teacup Pomeranian. I asked if I could hold her and knew right then that I had to have her. I later learned that the name Zoe means life, which is fitting because she’s the love of my life!”

Like many new doggy parents, Jacklynn immediately went out and bought every book she could find about Pomeranians and doggy care. Soon, though, Jacklynn would learn more about our four-legged friends than she ever imagined. Within days of bringing Zoe home she became violently ill from an infection as a result of being born into a puppy mill – commercial dog breeding factories that consider profit more important than the welfare of the animals they’re breeding. Fortunately, with the love and care from Jacklynn, Dr. Jeff Werber and a team of wonderful vets in Los Angeles, Zoe was able to fight off the infection. She is happy and healthy today… but Jacklynn never forgot just how heartbreaking this struggle was, or that a puppy mill was responsible for Zoe nearly losing her life.

A few years later, Jacklynn decided she wanted to give Zoe a playmate and add to her family. Through her research about animal health and rights, she learned that every breed has its own rescue group and said, “No thanks!” to the pet stores. Instead, she reached out to the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue Group, where she met and fell in love with Izzy.

Jacklynn’s journey with Zoe and Izzy has taught her more than she ever imagined about the health and wellness of dogs, particularly small breeds. She’s become an accidental expert on everything from the types of leashes and harnesses they need, to how to spot a good veterinarian, doggy daycares, rescue groups, as well as numerous infections and health issues that can easily be prevented with education. It’s Jacklynn’s love for pups, and the wealth of information she feels drawn to share, that inspired her to create ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills. We hope that you will follow our journey by subscribing to our blog or email newsletter, so that you and your dog can benefit from Jacklynn’s extensive knowledge and experience.

“Getting out of that elevator on the wrong floor was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me,” Jacklynn says. “I’ve always loved cats and other animals, but having Zoe and Izzy has made me realize that dogs and owners have a unique bond you just can’t find with other pets. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day I have; they never fail to bring a smile to my face when I walk in the door. And it just makes me so happy to see them smile and wag their tails that I can’t help but give them so much love right back.”

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