Overland Pet Express - the Best Pet Delivery!

ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills would like to announce our new partnership with premiere pet delivery company Overland Pet Express!

Overland Pet Express is a boutique company that relocates your pets by driving them across country in comfort and safety.  Instead of flying them in a luggage crate, which can be stressful for your pet but you as well, Overland Pet Express gives your pets the care they deserve.

Jacklynn, the owner of ZoeDoggy, talked with the founder and owner of Overland Pet Express, Sammy Roan.   They discussed the idea behind how this company was founded… below is an excerpt of how Sammy says he conceived of this business:

“The seed for Overland Pet Express was planted at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. It was winter in Chicago. I was sitting on the tarmac on a plane that was delayed for an hour. I watched the baggage handlers tossing luggage on the conveyor to load into the cargo hold of the plane.

I had purchased my Sphinx kitten months ago. I had him flown in. After an hour of asking airport personnel where I could find the kitten I finally found him in his carrier placed alone and off to the side of the luggage carousel.

As I sat on the plane a few things came to mind; it has to be minus 30 degrees wind chill in Chicago at the moment. The baggage handlers are freezing and wanting to get out of the cold. I’ve been sitting for an hour waiting to take off.

My hairless kitten could have been on that luggage cart in a carrier with nothing to protect him from the cold. The baggage handlers were in a hurry, so I didn’t think that they would be taking special care of a live animal. They just want to strap him in the hold and move on. The cargo bay doors were open. So it was freezing inside the belly of the plane.

This is no way to treat any animal - let alone MY purebred kitten. There must be a solution.

I discussed this problem with my friend, who loves her dogs with all her heart and wouldn’t ever allow them to fly for those exact reasons.  What if… we offered to drive the animals from their old home to their new home?

She said she would be happy to have a service that would do exactly that for her. It would save her time, and give her peace of mind knowing there was someone watching out for her dogs exclusively.”

This is why Overland Pet Express was created: to treat our pets the best when traveling rather than making them “cargo”.  We look at pets as family members. We wouldn’t allow our child to be in the cargo bay of the plane, so we shouldn’t allow our pets either.

Sammy found what customers really wanted in a transportation company.  Firstly was private transportation, “we only pick one family’s pet and we don’t transport with strange animals”. Next is a turn-key solution, which means “door to door pick up and drop off”. Finally was complete attention to the animal in regards to their “safety, comfort and stress level as well as making stops frequently.”

Sammy's pet Sphinx, Milton.

Also, Overland Pet Express offers live GPS tracking as well as frequent updates to the owner in forms of “pictures, texts and even skype”. They have delivered hundreds of happy and healthy pets for people such as celebrities, heads of state and anyone who just wants what’s best for their animal.

This is a great company that is blossoming and is growing quickly. So remember the next time you are moving out of state, consider Overland Pet Express instead of flying your animal. It’s the best option to insure your dogs safety.

Owner Sammy Roan is a former touring musician, a writer, an artist, a songwriter and an Animal Rights activist, with a degree in Business Marketing. He is single and is owned by a black Sphinx Cat named Milton, who Sammy is convinced is trying to kill him.

You can find out much more at Overland Pet Express or by calling (217) 663-8111.  Be sure to tell them Zoe sent you!