Take Your Dog to Work Day is this Friday!

My entire life I have wanted to work with animals. I am currently in school to be a veterinary technician. I volunteer in three animal shelters medicating and walking dogs, and I work as a pet sitter. I chose to pick a career that has me working with animals every day. When I heard of "Take Your Dog to Work Day" I thought it was such a fabulous idea, particularly for the rest of the working world that does not want to have to deal with the messy, sad or gory parts of caring for animals. Many people love animals, especially dogs, and enjoy having them as pets and caring for them, but most people do not want to do so for a job. That is why this holiday is so cool- for one day out of the year you can bring your furry best friend to your desk job.

"Take Your Dog to Work Day", have you ever heard of such a holiday? It is likely you have not, but it is a real holiday! It was first started in the United Kingdom in 1996, and in 1999 it first appeared as a holiday in the United States. When "Take Your Dog to Work Day" (TYDTWD) first started in the US in 1999, approximately 300 companies participated. Participation has grown annually, but participants are not required to register so it is unclear how many companies will participate this year. In the past, as many as 100,000 individuals claimed to participate in the event.

This year TYDTWD is observed on June 24. Each year it is held on the Friday following Father's Day. The holiday, created by Pet Sitters International, celebrates "the great companions dogs make and encourages adoptions from local shelters, rescue groups and humane societies". The website for TYDTWD has a list of 10 ways to celebrate the holiday in your workplace aside from simply bringing in your own dog to the office.

In the US, the day offers a fun change of pace to a summer Friday workday for American employees. Employees can introduce their four-legged "best friend" to co-workers and PSI believes that co-workers without dogs in their homes will be encouraged to adopt when they "witness the human-animal bond". Pet Sitters International is a leading educational organization for professional pet sitters, and has been educated pet owners and sitters worldwide since 1994.

Get out there and bring your crazy pups and lazy couch potato dogs to the office- just make sure to ask your boss!

To learn more about the holiday and Pet Sitters International follow the link here: https://www.petsit.com/take-your-dog-to-work-day-history

To learn more about starting an event and bringing your pet to work follow this link: https://www.petsit.com/takeyourdog/

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