Go Green With Your Dog

Here at ZoeDoggy, we've always been adamant about the thought that dogs should be given the best chance at life that we can offer, and each and every pup should be given the exact care and affection that a newborn baby would receive.

Typically, when the subject of dogs is being discussed, you'll hear the above thought often being talked about, because that's almost always the #1 priority dog parents have in mind.

But, today's post is quite an interesting one, as it's a subject that's not very often talked about, and a subject that only a select few dog parents think that they can have an effect in.

The subject of today's blog post is how you and I, as dog parents, have the responsibility of making sure that our dogs aren't leaving any negative impacts on the environment we all share - and what exact steps we should all be doing to make sure that doesn't happen.

We all hear about eco-friendly practices that people like you and I can take to "go green", but eco-friendly practices that you and I can put in place to help our dogs "go green" as well? Now that's a topic you don't hear about everyday.
And there you have it! Being an eco-friendly individual isn't all about "going green" yourself - it's also about involving any other family members or household pets (that we all consider to be family as well) in the process.

To read more on this subject, check out this 2800+ word article by Ultimatehomelife.com that tells you everything you need to know about going green with your dog.

Enjoy, and most importantly, take action on what you've read!

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