PetSnap!!! - A Phone App for all of Your Pet's Medical Records

Greetings and hello! My name is Julia and I am the new blogger for ZoeDoggy. Today I want to spotlight an app I discovered while browsing some other dog blogs.


This app is called Petsnap!!! Some of you may know of the snapchat app- well this is nothing like that. Petsnap!!! was created by a dog owner who wanted a digital platform to store his dog Barlow's medical files on his cell phone. Some veterinarians have digitized files and have clients create profiles for themselves and their pets through a company website, but many do not. The man who created this app was a client of a vet who did not have any such website, and as his dog Barlow was, at the time, 10 years old and fighting cancer, Matt (the app creator) was concerned about having ready access to Barlow's medical files. Carrying around stacks and folders of papers is rather impractical, especially if one's pet has an extensive medical history, and when you are traveling. Every pet owner wants to see their pet healthy and thriving, and to give their pet a long life. This app could enable pet owners to digitally transport all of their pet's records and care instructions to anywhere in the world- which could make sharing this information with a new vet or pet sitter much easier. No more losing paper files or having to get in touch with your former vet to get copies of files if you move or change vets. All you have to do is take pictures of the papers. Such an application could be a great tool for pet owners who have dogs of any size, whether they have any medical conditions to track or not.

To read the blog post by the author, follow this link to the blog on, a store which sells outdoor gear for dogs.

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