Watch Out for Rock Salt

It’s officially January and the beginning of a New Year. Hopefully everyone had safe and happy holidays this year. With that being said, January is supposed to normally be one of the coldest months of the year and for some states this is true, but for some of us the weather has been pretty mild so far this year.

One thing that happens when it gets cold, snowy and icy is the use of rock salt. We all know our dogs can suffer from frostbite just like us humans but his may come as a surprise to some, rock salt as well is actually very dangerous to our pets. This is because this industry isn’t regulated that heavily which means basically companies can use any chemical compounds they want (I mean obviously within reason).

Even if you do not personally use rock salt at your house to keep the ice away, that doesn’t mean your neighbors do. When walking your pets outside in this weather, please MAKE SURE that when you bring them inside to thoroughly wipe down their pads on their feet to make sure none of the chemicals are left. “Many ice melts will burn your lawn and can also irritate the pads of pets feet” (for article, click here). Besides causing issues to the dog’s feet it can also cause issues on their insides if the chemicals are not properly wiped off and the dog begins to lick their feet or even worse, eat the salt when it’s outside. If the salt is eaten by your pet, “a small amount can irritate the stomach but a large amount can cause an electrolyte imbalance which causes lethargy, weakness and even seizures”. If your pet is on the other end of the spectrum and decides to lick their paws this can cause “oral irritation, nausea, drooling and even vomiting”.

Basically, when taking your pets outside this winter please take precaution in order to keep them safe from the third party harm that can be caused from rock salt. If you can’t live without using rock salt at your home, please do your research when it comes to looking for a safe type to use for your pet.


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