ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills is on a mission; are you in?

“Just love me,” is probably the one thing our doggy best friends would say to us if they could talk with words.

But instead they say it with their twinkling eyes, playful smiles and wagging tails!

And no matter how much we love them, like a boomerang, all of that unconditional love always comes back to us tenfold.

Think back to when your pooch first stole your heart and instantly became a cherished member of your family. Did it seem like destiny?

It was destiny indeed when Jacklynn, co-creator of ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills, first laid eyes on a precious six-pound Pomeranian.

Seven years ago on her birthday Jacklynn stepped into the elevator at the Beverly Center. When she walked out of the doors and it wasn’t the floor she’d intended, what seemed like a mistake turned out to be fate leading her to the love of her life.

Jacklynn says, “As soon as I saw her I knew we were family. I literally stepped out of the elevator on the wrong floor, saw her in a pet store and walked straight towards her.”

Jacklynn brought home the 4-month old Pom Pom and named her Zoe.

Soon after Jacklynn’s heart was broken when she learned that the health challenges Zoe was facing were the result of being born in a puppy mill. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of renowned Los Angeles veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber and his team Zoe reclaimed her health. The pet store where Jacklynn bought Zoe is now closed as a result of a growing awareness about pet stores getting dogs from puppy mills that use unacceptable breeding practices.

Jacklynn created ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills out of a passionate promise to herself, her pooch, and dogs everywhere to support charities dedicated to the well being of animals. To that end a percentage of all sales from the online boutique at ZoeDoggy.com are shared with the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue Group and Much Love Foundation. The online boutique specializes in small dogs and offers the latest high-end fashion couture, accessories and wellness products plus education, awareness and support so fellow doggy parents have a trusted resource for keeping their much-loved pups healthy and happy!

ZoeDoggy’s dream is for every dog to be happy and healthy in a loving forever home! Will you join us and be a part of making this dream come true?

ZoeDoggy is on a mission, are you in?!

I’m just one person, what can I do?

Each of us CAN make a difference! And what we can’t do alone we can do together!

Here are three simple things you can do right now:

  1. Are you or a friend are considering adding a pup to your family? Adopt! You can visit your local pet shelter or search online for a rescue group that specializes in the breed of your choice.
  2. Show your support for ZoeDoggy.com’s mission to find every dog a loving forever home: CLICK HERE to LIKE and SHARE our page on Facebook. Together we can raise awareness!
  3. Stay tuned for the mid-July launch when you can browse and buy from our unique selection hand-picked by Jacklynn especially for your doggy. A percentage of all sales will be shared with two charities dedicated to the well-being of animals.

When Jacklynn was ready to get a companion for Zoe she took the route suggested above and reached out to the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue Group where she found and fell in love with another Pomeranian who she named Izzy.

Jacklynn’s journey with Zoe and Izzy has taught her more than she imagined she’d ever need to know about the health and wellness of dogs, particularly small breeds. She’s excited to share the expertise she’s gathered along the way with fellow dog lovers so that their learning curve can be shorter than hers.

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