Three New Years Resolutions for You and Your Dog

The New Year is approaching fast and with all the New Years resolutions happening, I want to share some of my own. My name is Celina and I am a new addition to ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills.  My family has added a new member, a rescue named Twisty. He is a small Chipoo, which is a Chihuahua and Mini Poodle - and because of him, my New Years resolutions are geared to making him happy and healthy. I list below my top three resolutions for 2015.

1. Dogs have lots of energy and need adequate play time, including daily walks.  My first New Years resolution is to make sure my puppy has enough options to run his energy down. As many dog parents know, harnesses are the best options for smaller dogs because they evenly distribute weight across their body.  ZoeDoggy has many harnesses specialized for small breeds - perfect for your pet!  There are a wide variety of prices and styles. Besides using a harness, you need to have a leash as well.  For smaller dogs, retractable leashes are a great option.  One of my favorites is is the blue Woof Turquoise Swarovski Retractable Leash, because is it not only stylish but keeps your pet safe.

2. My second New Years resolution is to make sure Twisty is socialized with other people and other dogs.  One way of doing this is to take him on shopping trips, whether to the pet store, clothing store, or just to the market. When I take him out in a public place, I want to make sure he is safe in a proper carrier.  ZoeDoggy has many options in various colors and styles.  Keeping your dog safe is always the number one priority. Taking your small dog outside during the winter months in the cold (burr!)  can be quite a shock.  A way to help keep her warm is to dress her with cute clothes!   ZoeDoggy has many options for clothing, and one section that I love is the hoodies and sweatshirts. Keeping your dog comfortable will not only help with socialization but make him happy!

3. Dental hygiene is important to humans as well as pets whether they are small or large breed dogs. Making sure Twisty's teeth are properly taken care of is my third New Years resolution, because hygiene is important to keeping him healthy, and teeth issues can be very problematic. You should at least brush your dog's teeth once a month to keep them healthy. You should also have your vet do a full cleaning once a year.  ZoeDoggy recommends using ProDen PlaqueOff, which is sprinkled into your dog's food once per day.

New Years resolutions sometimes seem tough to follow, but when it comes to your pet, who is a member of your family, it pays to stick it out. This year my focus is on Twisty, because as long as he is happy, so am I.  I am passing them along to you and other owners who may find this information useful as well!

Twisty the Chipoo

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