How the Elements Can Affect Your Pet

Taking precautions to help protect your pet from the conditions outside whether its cold or hot is necessary to their health, because extreme heat and cold is very bad for your pet! Most people are aware of the dangers of heat, but not necessarily the danger from the cold.

When cold temperature starts to affect you, it means its also very cold for your pet as well. The cold affects every dog in a different way depending on many different factors such as breed, fur length, activity level, etc. When taking your pet outside during those extremely unbearable cold days, remember to keep the walk shorter.  Walking on the cold ground makes the pets feet hurt, and can cause issues. Also when you bring your pet inside, make sure to wipe their paws off in order to get rid of any salt residue or “snowballs” between their toes, because melting salt is very harmful to your pet and the snowballs can make them feel very uncomfortable. Also, just like humans, dogs have a risk of getting frostbite or hypothermia, so making sure they are warm is the number one priority.

Not only is the cold weather an issue for pets, but heat can cause problems as well. When it gets to be extremely hot outside, here are a few things to keep in mind in order to properly care for your pet. One thing is making sure there is an adequate amount of water at all times, because just like humans, pets can become dehydrated. Some other things to take into consideration when it comes to the heat is to NEVER leave your pet inside a hot car. Cars can quickly get very hot, and wrapped in a fur coat they can become over heated and, well… we know how things end in those situations.  Also, make sure there is enough shade if you dog stays outside.  Take walks during the early mornings or late evenings when it is cooler than the middle of the day.  These tips can help keep your pet cool and healthy.

So next time you think its freezing outside or you’re dying from heat exhaustion, take a moment to think how your pet feels and make sure they are brought inside to avoid the extreme elements!

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