Three Secrets That Your Dog Won’t Tell You (But Wish They Could)

Ever wonder why your dog is acting a certain way - what exactly do they want?  We often try to guess, but research has been done throughout the years on dog behavior and we have learned a few things:


  1. Dogs like their OWN space. Yes, they like to cuddle and want to play sometimes, but most of the time they can manage to occupy themselves. They need to be able to have someplace to call their own. We have our beds that we sleep in, and our dogs would like their own as well. Giving them the option to go somewhere and not be bothered will make them feel safe and secure.  If your dog likes to curl up, a bumper bed is best.  Other dogs prefer to stretch out, and will do best with a flat bed.   Some dogs are burrowers – they like to dig into blankets or beds to make a nest for themselves.  If your dog shows this burrowing behavior, you should consider a bed that is soft like a bean bag, like the Tiger Dreamz Beddy-Ball.


  1. Dogs also LOVE the smell of your food, and yes, they seem so sad when you don’t offer them a taste, but you must resist. Dogs can’t tell you that even though it smells delicious, a lot of food is toxic for them and that you shouldn’t give it to them! Some examples of food that is toxic to your pet include chocolate, onions and garlic (yum), grapes and avocado including the actual fruit, seeds, leaves and bark as well. Baby food often includes onion powder and so should be avoided. Macadamia nuts can cause kidney stones and tumors due to their high phosphorous content.  Bones from fish and chicken can splinter and become stuck in their throats.  Coffee, coffee grounds, tea bags, energy drinks, or anything with a high caffeine content can be toxic to your pet.  So even though you’re tempted, people food is not really the best option, stick to treats made for dogs, or dog friendly vegetables such as carrots.


  1. Some of you out there have found that your dog doesn’t like fireworks and thunderstorms and there is a reason behind that! When your dog acts up in a storm he is showing you he is frightened or nervous because the sound is painful to him! Dogs have very acute hearing and can hear frequencies much lower and higher than humans. Fireworks and thunder will also sound much louder to them than to you.  The whistling of high winds as well as the associated dust can be distressing as well.  Try to keep your dog indoors and make him as comfortable as possible until the scary noises die down.


Remember that even though your pet can’t talk, she has body language just like a human that can give you an indication to what is happening!

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