Adopt, DON’T Shop

Buying dogs from a pet store seems to be the most common thing to do, because most people want puppies, but the sad truth is that majority of puppies in a pet store come from puppy mills.  This is a large concern for dog lovers. Puppy mills produce thousands of dogs each year that live in the worst conditions. They are secluded to cages with lots of other dogs, and often receive just the bare minimum care to make sure that they live. Instead of pet stores, you should consider adopting from a pet rescue.  Animals end up at rescues for many reasons - because the owner doesn’t want them anymore, is unable to take care of them or they were troublesome. Even though puppies are not always an option at a rescue, there are lots of dogs who would love to have a forever home, that second chance to not spend the rest of their life in a rescue center.

ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills supports the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.  Usually their rescues are placed in foster care until they are adopted into their forever homes. The Southern California Pomeranian Rescue group specializes in Pomeranians, but if you are looking for a dog other than a Pomeranian, there are rescues located all throughout the country for many different breeds.

Besides rescuing animals, another way you can help local shelters or even the Southern Pomeranian Rescue is by donating money or items such as blankets and newspaper. ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills provides a portion of our proceeds from sales to the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue group.

So if you are considering getting a dog, before you buy a puppy from a local pet store remember, Adopt, Don’t Shop.  There are so many animals in shelters that need a forever home.

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