Safety First!

Keeping yourself safe should always be the number one priority, and when you have a pet, their safety is just as important as yours. Many people include their dogs in their daily activities, such as going out walking, swimming, bike rides, and more.  If you pop on over to the Store, we have many items specifically geared to your pets’ safety.

Whether you’re taking walks in the daytime or night runs, harnesses are the best option for your pets because they evenly distribute the weight across their chest instead of solely on the neck. During the day the harness doesn’t necessarily need to be reflective, but at night it’s important for your pet to be able to be seen by drivers so that she doesn’t accidently get hurt.  A visibility vest can be seen here. ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills also offers many other safety items for pets such as doggy goggles, which can be used in the water and also when you are bike riding to protect their eyes from dust and pollen, life jackets and safety ladders.  These can all be a big help for water safety.

ZoeDoggy is currently having a sale until the end of February for the celebration of the Chinese New Year, The Year of the Ram where everything is 20% off.  Just use Coupon Code CN201520X.  With the warm weather coming up, it’s a good time to start thinking about summer fun for you and your pet!

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