Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

It is unfortunate that dogs, just like humans, can suffer from separation anxiety.  This can happen during the short time we leave them alone while we run out, say to go the store, or during longer times while we are away for things such as work or school.  Some symptoms that indicate your dog may have separation anxiety is the dog being destructive, such as chewing or digging, barking repeatedly or trying to escape. She may also seem depressed or anxious, shown by laying down and ignoring you when you are getting ready to leave.

One way to help your dog with their separation anxiety is by using a T-shirt that you have worn repeatedly to give your scent, placing it in their place of comfort so that he has your smell around them while you are gone. If you don’t want your pet to use one of your shirts, you can always purchase a pet shirt and sleep with it, to give it your scent. One shirt that we offer at ZoeDoggy, the diamond sweater is perfect for your pet to keep them cozy and close to you while you are away!

Making sure our pets are happy is number one priority, and since many pets suffer from separation anxiety, this small way to help them could make a huge difference while you are away, and is something to keep in mind the next time you are trying to reassure your dog that you WILL be coming home.

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