Large Dogs and Hip Dysplasia

Do you have a larger breed dog? Do you ever notice that your pet may seem to be walking funny? Have you considered the idea that they are suffering from hip and joint pain, otherwise known as hip dysplasia? Hip dysplasia is an inherited problem that happens to dogs that causes the leg bone to move around too much because the joint is loose, which in turn causes them pain in basic everyday life. Before running to the vet, there are some ways to tell if your dog may be experiencing hip dysplasia.


Some of the symptoms they may be showing is struggling to stand up, a limp when they walk, as well as issues jumping on the couch or bed, if you allow them to. There are ways to treat hip dysplasia before it becomes too extreme, such as working on your dog’s diet, health and exercise, or in worst case scenarios, a full hip replacement. Making sure your dog is as comfortable as they can be, there are several ways to help ease their pain such as gently rubbing the muscles on their leg, using a warm water bottle, aspirin as well as a firm dog bed.

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Additional information on Hip Dysplasia can be found at the ASPCA website at

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