Doggy Bath Time!

Keeping your dog clean and groomed can be a difficult task if they enjoy the outdoors, and grooming costs can become very expensive. When you don’t want to pay the costs of a groomer every couple weeks there are some ways to make sure your pet is clean by bathing him at home, but it has to be done properly. Some dogs love water and others do not, so knowing how your dog is going to react is the first step. You want them to be calm, a bath should not be seen as a punishment but a reward, and the reward to be clean!

First you need a work area, whether you bath your dog outside (if it’s warm enough) or inside, and have all the tools and towels handy. Initially you need to find a shampoo and conditioner that is strictly for dogs and here at ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills we recommend Isle of Dogs, which can be found on our website here. There is an array of options such as shampoo geared to the color coat of your dog, natural gloss, coarse coat, conditioner and more. After finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner, the next step is to take and brush your dog and get all of the excess fur out before you shampoo them because it will make it easier. Plus almost all of the loose hairs will already be gone.

After that step comes the fun part, actually giving your dog a bath. Having a few treats with you can be a good thing in case they start to get squiggly, you can entice them with a few of their favorite to be able to sit long enough to complete the task. When bathing your dog at home, you need to always make sure to avoid getting soap and water in their ears, mouth, and eyes because it can be very irritating for them. One way to avoid water in the dog’s ear is the use of cotton balls, but some dogs will not like that. The ASPCA recommends using a wet cloth to wipe your dog’s face off so that the chance of any of that happening is slim. Then you proceed to wet your dog down either with the actual shower or cup, lather with a small amount of soap (using too much can leave their skin dry) and then rinse everything out. Again, this step needs to be done thoroughly so there is no shampoo or conditioner left over to irritate them later. The last step is making sure they are completely dried off either by using a regular towel or a specific towel made for pets.  It’s normal for them to want to rub up against things while they are still damp. If you don’t want parts of your house to be slightly wet, make sure to keep them confined until they are completely dry.

If you opt out for bathing at home and strictly take your pet to the groomers, are you fully aware of what pet shampoo they are using? Sometimes shampoos they use can irritate your dog’s skin and if that is a concerning factor, you can always buy your own specific shampoo and take it to the groomer with you as well.


Happy bathing time!


*more information can be found at the ASPCA website at

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