Sleep and Your Dog

Sleeping is a routine thing for humans as well as your pets! Dogs spend most of their day sleeping - usually for an adult dog an average of 15 hours a day, puppies on the other hand sleep anywhere between 18-22 hours a day, but as the dogs grow older they don’t need as much sleep. There are several factors that are behind your dog’s sleeping habits, such as the age, personality and breed; they also don’t sleep a full 15 hours straight, they take smaller naps throughout the day, which you already know.

Sometimes your pet may be having issues with sleep anxiety, which is where they are struggling to stay asleep at night. Since dogs can hear at a high range, they hear everything and react even though you may be sleeping. Some ways to help your pet have a restful night is to have a specific area or bed for them to sleep in.  We offer a variety of Jax and Bones dog beds on our website and they can be found here. Other ways to help your pet rest at night could be vitamins from your vet or changing their diet.

If you feel as if your dog is having issues sleeping at night and it may be out of routine, you may want to consider having your pet looked at by your vet because there could be some serious underlying issues such as UTIs, kidney stones, neurological issues, etc. Usually these are not the case, but it doesn’t hurt to check; better safe than sorry. Sleeping is a wonderful thing for us humans as well as our pets and it’s never a good day when you don’t get a good night’s rest.

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