Happy Mother's Day - Puppy Playpens

Happy Mothers Day to all the pet mothers out there, and hopefully everyone had a wonderful day!

Moving past the joys of the holiday, bringing home a new puppy to add to the family can be fun and stressful all at the same time, but there are ways to help ease the stress. One of these options is investing in a puppy playpen for indoor or outdoor use, that can be used for multiple things. One of these stress relievers is being able to have peace of mind when you are not able to fully dedicate your time to watching the puppy full time, just like having a child's playpen would. It allows you to move around your house freely without worrying about what the puppy is doing or if it is getting into trouble. Another reason for getting a playpen to ease stress is being able to use it for the outdoors; let them enjoy having some freedom without having to be on a leash. Also, like being inside, it gives you the option to do things freely such as yard work while the puppy is in a confined area. One last thing that the playpen can help with is potty training the puppy. Keeping them separate from from where they sleep helps with potty training since most puppy’s don't want to go to the bathroom where they sleep. All around, puppy playpens are a good addition to add when you bring them home, as well as if they are large enough you can continue using them as the dog gets older. ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills offers a few options for puppy playpens and one of them can be found here. Also, since Mother's Day was yesterday we are currently having a sale until the 23rd, be sure to check out our social media sites to get the promotional code!

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