Classical Music

Today is Memorial Day and across America people are paying respects to the fallen soldiers who have protected our country and we thank you! Even though today is a day for remembrance, fireworks will be happening all around and this can cause your furry friends to become anxious. This holiday, to help keep your pet calm, maybe try the idea of “music calms the savage beast”. Studies have been conducted to show how listening to classical music such as Bach and Beethoven has a calming effect on people. Now there has been a study done out of Colorado that shows classical music can have soothing effects on your dog. Some examples of classical music that I find enjoyable if you do not have favorites could be:

  • Beethoven Symphony No. 5 in C Minor
  • Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons
  • Joseph Haydn - The Creation: The heavens are telling

The article states “when the classical music was played, the dogs reacted by sleeping more suggesting that they found the listening experience relaxing” (Heinzmann 1). Grabbing your pet’s dog bed, which can be purchased for your large or small breed dog here from us at ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills. Putting your pet in their own space while they are having anxiety issues or are experiencing stress caused by a number of things such as thunderstorms or when you leave them alone to go do your shopping; create a CD of one specific artists or multiple of classical music in order to help ease their mind and make your pet feel calm and hopefully help them to relax this holiday as well as every other time they are feeling anxious!

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