Important Medical Symptoms to Know!

Have you ever wondered what you should know medically about your dog? This blog post is dedicated to a few medical symptoms that every dog owner should be aware of. Remember that symptoms can have multiple causes. If you think your dog needs medical attention, get them to their vet immediately.

  1. Infection – Infections can happen in your pet’s eyes, stomach, ears, etc. The eyes are one of the most dangerous infections because it can end up causing blindness. The easiest way to tell if your pet has an eye infection is if there is yellow/green discharge. This infection can be caused by objects getting lodged in the eye. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to use doggles. Doggles protect dog’s eyes not only from the sun but also from the dust particles that can be in their eyes from the wind.
  1. Bad breath – Bad breath can be a cause of a buildup in the lungs, throat, and stomach. Don’t fret if your pet has bad breath, but if it seems to be overwhelming, make sure to get them to a vet so the issue can be diagnosed.
  1. Hair Loss – If your pet is losing patches of fur, it’s time to see a vet immediately because it can be an array of things; from a simple allergy to Cushing’s disease. Allergies can be treated by either prescribing medicine such as  Benadryl. Cushing’s disease is more serious and is most common in dogs older than six, but younger dogs are also prone to contracting it.

*Also, do NOT let your dog eat earth worms. Earth worms can affect a dog’s appetite, energy level, and overall health.

* Doggles can be found on our website and they are perfect if you love spending time outside!

Seeing your pet in pain is a terrible feeling, and hopefully looking at some of these issues will help in the future if they ever happen to your dog. Until them, keep your vets phone number on hand and just love your dog!

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