Are We Gender Stereotyping Our Dogs?

One day a friend of mine and I were doing errands around school, and we pulled up next to a car with a cute dog in it. I immediately said “look at the pretty girl”; my friend, and roommate, asked how I knew it was a girl. I looked at her dumbfounded, as the assumption was subconscious. Realizing that I did not actually know the gender myself, I realized that I had looked at the dog’s collar, leading to me coming to that conclusion. The dog’s collar was pink, and since the 1940s, this has been the classification for girls. However, some people do not care what color(s) their dog(s) wear. I thought it was fascinating that I automatically assumed the dog was a girl based on her collar color even though it could have very well been a boy. Hopefully you, as a valued reader, can give some feedback as to if you have ever done this. I know it is a common occurrence for people to assume the gender of a dog based on the clothing it’s wearing or the color/type of collar.

This leads me to other types of questions, such as: If a dog is wearing a spiked collar, is it a boy or girl? What if the leash was baby blue; do owners give boy dogs a “pastel-y” and “softer” color? Today’s society has us set on two colors that have only been “established” for 85 years.

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