Pumpkin for Fall!

Summer is coming to a close, and fall is approaching FAST. This means it’s time to embrace everything PUMPKIN. Pumpkin is very healthy for your dog, so you and your dog benefit this season from pumpkin goods! Information found on PetMD discusses three things that pumpkin can help with: The first is the “seeds and flesh are good for urinary health”. This is a good thing, especially if your dog is prone to urinary tract infections. Pumpkin is also very good for the “digestive [system]…if your dog has irregular bowls or even an upset stomach.” According to PetMD, “if your dog is experiencing an upset stomach, take a spoonful of pumpkin from the can and mix it in directly with their food.” The last thing that they suggest that pumpkin is good for is if your dog is overweight, “replacing a feeding with pumpkin can slim your dog down because it’s low in calories.” This Vitamin A-rich vegetable will ensure your dog has healthy: skin, mucus, and eye sight. It is also a rich source of minerals: copper, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

There is a lot of homemade treats that can be found online that use pumpkin and other natural ingredients which is better for your pet anyways, because you at least know what exactly is being put into the treats. My mom and I make pumpkin cookies for our dog during the fall season, but some other treat ideas are:

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