I Think I Might Be Falling for Fall...

For those who live on the East Coast, fall is fast approaching. While driving around the city, I realized that the leaves have begun to change and temperatures have started dropping. This newsletter is going to discuss some activities for you and your dog to enjoy during the fall season:

  1. Hiking: This is the perfect time of year to take long hikes with your dog since it is not too hot out for the both of you. I recommend you check out the trails around where you live or check out: http://www.localhikes.com/Search.asp
  2. Yard work: otherwise known as leaf piles. The leaves will soon be falling, which means you could rake the leaves and jump in the piles with your dog. This will definitely take you back to when you were younger with all the happy memories.
  3. Dog parks are easily accessible and can go in tandem with hiking. Since the temperatures are finally dropping, it makes it easier for your dog to spend time. Check out online where the nearest dog parks are to you to find some enjoyment. A benefit of a dog park is also meeting other dog owners, because they are the best! Dog parks are great for casual dog-owners’ social gatherings where you can play and meet other dogs.
  4. Going to pumpkin patches is an essential fall activity. Bring your dog with you so you can take lots of cute photos and videos. Even though your dog won’t understand the idea of pumpkin picking, they will love being outside with you in a foreign place where there is lots of space to roam. There will be tons of new smells for them, so their tails will be wagging crazily. This will be sure to put a smile on both of your faces.
  5. Get outside and take pictures! Ever try to show someone pictures of your dog and realize that, yes you have some, but they don’t do your pet justice? This is the perfect time of year because of the weather and the scenery makes for a perfect back drop. Take some treats and get some lifetime memories of your pet!
  6. Last but not least, you could just be snuggled up on the couch with your pet under a blanket. It’s the perfect time of year for cuddling without either of you getting to hot. Definitely have the TV on or some relaxing music, and I recommend having the fire place going. This creates for a cozy atmosphere and one that will be sure to keep both of you at peace.

There are endless activities to do with your pet this fall. I have only listed 6 activities above due to the overwhelming amount of possibilities. Going to an apple orchard with your dog is a great way for you both to experience something different and fun. I also recommend attending the last days of farmers’ markets because there are surely some pet stands with free treats for them! Fall is a great time for our pets because it is less hot, so they will be more apt to doing things during this season. Remember to get outside, keep active and healthy so that you and your partner will be ready for the season’s activities to come!

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