Watch Out for Skunks!

Fall is perfect weather for the black and white striped friends to be hanging about. Mating season for skunks happens around February and so by this time, babies are being born which means they are out lurking about. When sending your pet into the backyard unsupervised in the dark… be prepared. The skunk may not find your dog, but your dog will definitely find the skunk. Unfortunately this only happens when it’s late at night, when all the groomers and stores are closed that you are unable to handle the situation in that moment. Some ways to avoid this situation happening to your dog, as well as yourself since you have to deal with the repercussions are:

  1. Take your dog out for their last potty run before it is completely dark, and you can still see what is lurking in the shadows, it’s honestly the best way to avoid this problem. Even though this isn’t 100% effective, it is one of the best.
  2. If you are unable to take your dog out before it becomes dark and they need to go outside immediately; instead of sending them into the backyard by themselves to come back with a surprise. Take them out on a leash with a flashlight in order to make sure Mr. Stinky isn’t hiding about.
  3. The last tip of advice I can give you is to invest in skunk special shampoo and always have a bottle on hand for these unfortunate events. If you happen to use it, replace the bottle immediately so that you can always at least contain the smell when it happens until the daylight when groomers and stores are open.

Skunks are wonderful creatures, but never a fun time to be sprayed by! Hopefully these tips can help save you from a disaster later down the road!


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