Black Pets Matter

We have all heard the superstition, “if a black cat crosses your path, its bad luck” but I don’t necessarily believe that, but unfortunately black animals in general struggle every day. Black pets, dogs as well as cats are the most overlooked when people come to consider adopting an animal from a local shelter. According to an article published by ABC news, “animal rescue organizations have deemed it, “the black dog syndrome” and they tend to be the last ones adopted from the shelter”. Which is unfortunate because they are just the same as any other pet, and according to the article “they can be overlooked because it’s hard to take pictures of black animals as well as most shelters don’t have the natural light in order to get a good look at their face”. Which makes sense because most shelters have terrible lighting and most places are not taking the time to take well lighted photos for their animals.

With Halloween approaching people will adopt black cats more often because of the “spookiness” behind them, but most end up back on the streets. SO please remember, pets are family not items that can just be thrown around. So please this Halloween think before you adopt. Keeping with Halloween and black animals, this also leads into that keeping your black animals inside on Halloween, which is a must! Not allowing them to roam free to either get into trouble, or trouble will find them. Animals have been known to come up missing on Halloween and it’s never a good moment when your pet isn’t able to come home. USA today posted an article discussing this topic - read and find out more information.

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