Halloween Candy

Trick or Treating is a wonderful time for your child, you and even your pet; but there are hazards that come along with this -   HALLOWEEN CANDY. It’s a wonderful thing for people to have and enjoy at this time of year, but not for our pets. Any type of candy, whether it is chocolate, hard candy or soft candy, is not good for your dog and you should avoid giving them anything or allowing them to “steal” the candy. Instead, if you do choose to take your pet along, bring a few snacks with you so that when you are enjoying your candy, they have a treat of their own to enjoy that is safe. Also remember that even if your pet doesn’t have access to the actual candy, the wrappers can be dangerous as well if they decide to eat them, because this can cause choking. According to the pet poison hot line, “emergency calls to the vet increase by 12% during Halloween time”  which is a dramatic increase compared to the rest of the year. Things to remember during this time of year according to the poison hotline are:
1. “Chocolate is the most toxic candy to pets”. Which we all have heard, but honestly feeding your pet chocolate is an absolute no, no.

  1. Pets can over eat, and especially is they get ahold of the whole candy bag unsupervised, this can lead to a disaster. If this happens, expect to look for “decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, abdominal pain, kidney failure or worst case organ damage”.
  2. One last thing they suggest keeping an eye out for is glow sticks since these are used heavily during this holiday. The pet poison hotline reported “that this mostly happens with cats, but symptoms are it can cause pain and irritation in the mouth, as well as excessive drooling and even foaming at the mouth”.

Our goal is to always see our pets happy and healthy and this can be a very dangerous to our loved ones. Make sure to keep Halloween candy put up out of animal reach and if someone in your household is indulging, make sure your pet is being supervised.

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