Halloween Costumes!

October is already half way over, who knew time would go so quickly. I know they say, the older you get the quicker time goes but I never realized how true that was until now. The countdown to Halloween has started with only 16 days left, 2 weeks 2 days, or 384 hours; anyway you look at it, the holiday will be here before we know it and I could take a guess that most people are not prepared at all! With getting party’s together and costumes and other activities, Halloween can be an intense holiday. When having a pet in the family, we always want to include them in everything we do.

One of these things could be dressing them up in their own special costumes for Halloween. If you have not already purchased a costume for your dog, or even if you have; check out our website for our beautiful costumes! To make things easier for you, ZoeDoggy has released a section of dog Halloween costumes such as …

Gypsy princess: this is pictured below and the sizes range between extra small and large and it is perfect for your little girl.


For a boy, check out this Mardi Gras Jester that is so adorable, and not only you but everyone else will enjoy seeing your dog wearing it!
This superhero costume comes in red or pink!


These come in a variety of options as well as sizes to make your pet the star of Halloween! Each of the costumes has a description on the website on how to wear the costume and if you are not sure what size you are looking for, we offer a sizing chart to get the correct size for your pet! Dressing up your pet can be fun if they enjoy it and you can show them off either at your Halloween party or while you are passing out candy to trick or treaters.

If you decide to pass out candy to trick or treaters and notice there are a lot of dogs in your neighborhood and want to include them in the festivities, you could make homemade treats to give to the owners! Check out the blog that comes out this upcoming Monday for some recipe ideas for homemade treats that are much healthier than store bought treats.

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