Dog Treat Recipies

Halloween is now down to twelve days away, who would have thought it would be here before we knew it! With the holiday fast approaching, I know most of us are not quite prepared but this blog below will give some homemade treat recipes to make for your dog to enjoy while everyone else in the family is enjoying the Halloween candy. A quick google search pulls up hundreds of ideas of safe treats to make for your pet. If you have been following our newsletter; discussed in the most recent one is that you could use these homemade treats to give to neighbors and friends for their pets since most recipes make larger batches.

Some examples of treats that you could make are:

  1. Flaxseed biscuits: This recipe takes some work with the amount of ingredients and then takes about 40 minutes to cook, based on the picture online though; they look delicious for our furry friends
  2. Another example of a fun dog treat is coconut banana strawberry frosty Kong. These are perfect for keeping your dog busy during the day when you have other things going on that you need to get done around the house. This is a really easy recipe and it only requires 4 ingredients.
  3. One last example of a fun Halloween treat to make for your pet is apple-cheddar biscuits which is perfect for the fall season with the use of apples. This seems to be a medium level of difficulty for making treats, but well worth it.

This website offers recipes for the above dog treats as well as many more. Ranging from easy to difficult. Get into the spirit of the holiday this week by making treats for your pet that you know is safe for them!

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