Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Every day on social media we see a new, its “national” this or that day and sometimes they just seem to fit perfectly without lives; it also gives us something to chuckle about throughout the day. This month though, November, is actually adopt a senior pet month, which is actually a very important topic. Have you been considering adopting a dog recently? If so, seniors are the way to go! Senior dogs need just as much love as younger dogs do, especially since they have more than likely never been in a shelter before.  Also some advantages of adopting a senior dog versus a puppy is that most are already house broken, which is automatically less work. Also they are calmer since they already went through their puppy phase. Which makes them perfect for older couples or single people who just want some company but are also not as active as they would need to be with a puppy.

If you Google “adopt a senior pet month” you are going to see hundreds of articles popping up, especially shelters who are actively online. According the ASPCA, “were on the brink of the holiday season, and we can’t think of a better time to provide a home for a shelter pet” and I couldn’t have summed this up any better myself.

So even though sometimes these holidays are silly, this is an important one to promote! Remember, Adopt don’t Shop & use the hashtag #adoptaseniorpet this month to help raise awareness! Keep us updated with the hash tag above, as well as #ZoeDoggy if you decided on bringing a new member into the family!


Happy Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

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