Super Zoo 2015!

Guess who’s traveling to Super Zoo 2015 in Las Vegas this week? Jacklynn and her dogs, Zoe and Izzy, will be checking out the new pet industry products. Super Zoo is (July 20 - July 23) at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. This is the perfect event for all people who love and/or work with animals to come together to learn new information. According to the website for Super Zoo, they state “everything to expand your customer base, increase your sales and improve your profits can be found here,” which is great for any business working with animals. If you won’t be attending this year in Las Vegas, you’ll be missing out on valuable information such as seminars dealing with social media or animal wellness. Other things that are going on during the four-day event are: the networking event, the groomer super show, and the trade shows as well. Super Zoo even created an app for the event in order to track everything that’s happening at the venue.

So much is happening over the next four days that ZoeDoggy thought we would want everyone to be aware of everything happening in the pet industry. Don’t fret if you are not able to make it out to Las Vegas this year because it will be happening again next year; or, you could always attend the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida in March 2016.

This type of event is perfect for business leaders to come together and share the knowledge they have learned to the new “future” business leaders.

Everyone wish Jacklynn a safe trip, as well as wishing everyone who will be attending has a wonderful time!

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