Keep Your Dog Leashed!

Taking your dog for a walk can be a wonderful time as long as your dog is leashed. Leash laws are put into effect to protect not only owners and their dog(s), but other dogs and people as well. Listed below is a link to find the laws based on each state written by Rebecca Wisch.  Even though people feel as if their dog obeys them, there is always a chance that something will grab the dog’s attention and it will take off; their dog could potentially bite another dog or even a person.  This can cause a heartache of problems; however this whole situation can be corrected by just keeping your dog on a LEASH. If one does not want to keep ones’ dog leashed while outside, go to a dog park where pets are allowed to roam freely while socializing.  If one has a fenced in back yard then that is an easy way for the pet to play.

Here at ZoeDoggy we have a variety of leashes for your pet which can be found here. They come in an array of colors and styles to fit everyone’s needs.

Remember, keep your dog leashed!

List of Laws by State

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