When owning a dog, there isn’t one set thing that works for everyone else except that every dog owner should own a pair of Doggles. Doggles are like goggles/sunglasses for your dog that protects their eyes against many harmful things. According to the package, doggles are UV proof, shatter proof as well as anti-fog and comes with adjustable straps to place behind your dog’s head as well as under their chin. You can also change the lenses, which can be convenient is they can become scratched over time. The sizes can go anywhere between XS-XL so there is a set of Doggles for every dog!

Ways that the Doggles can protect your pet is by the harmful sun, because like humans pets are sensitive to the UV rays as well; using them in the car can protect your dog from getting harmful dust and particles in their eyes if you allow them to put their head out of the window while you drive and they also can help with the reflective glare of the snow for those of us who experience the harsh winters. Doggles are just a great investment in general to keep your pets from developing eye infections are harmful damages that cannot be undone. Initially your pet may seem confused about the Doggles, since they have never worn them before, but eventually, after using them a little bit everyday they will learn that they love them!

These Doggles can be found at our website, and they come in many shapes and colors. Get yours today while they are available and in stock!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July, feel free to tag us in photos on our social media networks of your dogs dressed up from the weekend!

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