Preventing Parasites in the Summer

Preventing parasites such as fleas, ticks and mosquito bites on your pet can be difficult during the summer, especially if your dog likes to spend a lot of time outside, where all these bugs are lurking. Taking preventative steps can help ensure that your dog doesn’t become sick while enjoying the outdoors.

First, make sure your dog has been to the vet and has gotten a heartworm preventative, which is where your dog will take a pill, once a month on the same day in order to stop the transfer of heart worms that are caused by mosquitoes. Keep your dog away from standing water, as well as inside during the early evening hours when the mosquitoes are everywhere to help prevent your dog from being bit. Using a citronella candle can be okay, but there are some chemicals in the repellent sprays that can be harmful to dogs such as tea tree oil and pennyroyal, so the pesticides are not recommended.

Fleas and ticks are also just as harmful for dogs as mosquitoes because they can carry diseases and parasites as well such as tapeworms from fleas and Lyme from ticks. Preventing this can be done with a prescription from your veterinarian as well as checking your pet’s fur when they come back in from being outside by using a flea comb because the best way to battle these pests is finding them in the early stages of the infestation. Remember when checking for these bugs to check your dog’s ears, tail, armpits; places that are not very readily checked. If you do happen to find a tick on your dog though, remember not to crush the tick to kill it. This is because that can spread disease - instead either flush it down the toilet or soak it in rubbing alcohol which kills them.

If your dog seems to be excessively scratching or something just seems off about them during these summer months, make sure to check for these types of bugs as well as taking these preventative steps above to help keep your dog safe.


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