Water Safety in Summer

Are you one of those people who enjoys taking your dog boating, swimming, kayaking or surfing in the summertime?  This article is for you then, because it discusses things to help keep your dog safe, allowing everyone involved to have an enjoyable time.

Sailing or speed boating is fun for you, why shouldn’t it be for your dog? Most dogs are instinctive swimmers and will want to get right in the water - so first thing first is purchasing a dog life vest in case your pet decides to become adventurous or something just happens to go wrong. Currently on our website we have several stylish and plain colored life jackets for your dog, and one of the styles can be found here. A life jacket is a good thing to have handy whether you are on a boat or just anywhere near the water.

Next thing is making sure to teach your dog to NOT drink the lake or sea water, because it can be very harmful to them and no one wants to see a dog become sick doing something they enjoy. Drinking from ponds or lakes can be harmful because they can contain blue-green algae which has previously caused deaths in dogs but also because of chemical run offs from pesticides or fertilizers and when ingested can cause “liver damage, or skin irritation”*. If you feel as if after a day at the lake your pet seems to become sick, call the vet immediately so that they can be looked at. Since drinking the water can be harmful, make sure you take plenty of fresh water with you on the trip so that they have something to drink as well as some treats to keep them occupied if you are going to be out there for many hours. This leads into making sure you keep your pet hydrated while doing this activities because prolonged exposure in the sun can cause heat exhaustion. To learn more about keeping your pet cool and how to avoid heat exhaustion, please refer to our previous blog that has several tips!

Mistakes happen, but making sure to follow these tips during this summer should avoid any major issues. Remember, your dog wants to have as much fun as you, but they cannot voice what they want. Watching how they are acting will help prevent the heat exhaustion and the life jacket will keep them safe from rough currents.

Happy Summer Everyone and enjoy spending time at the water!

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