Keeping Cool in the Summer

When it's so hot outside that it is unbearable for you, imagine how your dog feels. Summer is one of the hardest season for pets because of the heat and humidity as well as if your pet suffers from allergies. Keeping your dog comfortable in this heat can be problematic but there are 3 ways to help keep them cool this summer.


  1. Ice cubes - since they are made of just water, they are perfect for a cool treat for your dog. Either put a few in their water bowl or just to eat. For larger breeds the regular size ice cubes are perfect, but I have noticed with smaller breeds buying the specialized ice cube trays that have smaller ice cubes makes them easier to chew for your smaller dog.


  1. Pet Cooling Mat - This can be found on our website here and the bed comes in small, medium and large sizes to fit everyone’s needs. These cooling beds are perfect for pets lounging around inside who are hot from the heat. These are made out of special material that is tough against dog wear and tear and it’s very easy to use! All you need to do is fill the bed with cool water.


  1. Kiddie Pools - For the dogs who enjoy water this is perfect for hot days. Using a kiddie pool that can be found anywhere, and filling it up with water and allowing your dog to play or just sit in the water is a perfect way to cool off, as well as being fun for him or her.


Summers are hot for everyone, especially your dogs. Making sure they don't suffer from heat exhaustion is a major concern during the summers. Using these tips to keep them cool, being adequately hydrated as well as making sure they are not outside for too long should help prevent heat exhaustion.

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