Car Seats

Since summer is now here, a lot of people are heading out on vacation and some people choose the option to drive. If you are planning on taking your pet with you on vacation and are choosing the driving option; the question is how do you keep your pet safe while driving? Just like a child, safety is a number one priority and people choose different ways to promote that safety. When traveling with your pet either short distances or long ones do you just put them in the back seat while you are driving? Do you put them in a kennel while you are driving or have you considered the idea of a car restraint for your pet? Normally, just keeping your pet loose in the back seat is not the best option, but if you do choose to do this and allow the window to be rolled down, an investment in doggy goggles should be considered. This is because when your pet puts their head out the window, dust and other particles can get into their eyes and cause them to have issues. These goggles can also be found on our website at We here at ZoeDoggy promote the idea of using a restraint strap (kind of like a seatbelt) to keep your pet safe. ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills has a black adjustable strap to keep your pet safe here. Strapping your dog in the back seat while are you are driving keeps them in one location. The car movements have the ability to jostle your pet around causing them to roll or fall over which can hurt your pet badly, using the harness strap will keep them in a secured location to keep them safe. Whether you choose to use the strap or allow them to roam free in the backseat, ZoeDoggy has everything to suit your dog's needs.

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