Christmas Shopping Days are Dwindling!

It seems that every year we always say after Christmas, we will begin our shopping for the next year rather than waiting until the last minute, but that never happens. This blog is specifically for those of us who wait until the last minute. Here we are going to talk about three items offered through our website that would be perfect Christmas presents for your pets, or even your friends' dogs.

The first idea is a cozy sak dog bed by Dog Squad. This is a perfect gift for spoiling your dog on Christmas. The cozy sak comes in hot pink and is a super soft, faux fur, plus dog sak. This is perfect for the dogs who are always cold, because it can be either used as a blanket as well as a bed since the dog can burrow itself into it.

The Cozy Sak!


The second gift idea could be one of the many dog bowl options we offer. These are beautiful and inexpensive to give your dog or as a gift because they are always useful. Some dogs may not like clothing, so buying an outfit could be a wrong choice but you can never go wrong with a dog bowl because whether it’s for food or water, you always need one.

Marrakesh Bowl

You can never go wrong with dog toys. Every dog loves them, and if they don’t well, at least you tried. We offer a variety of dog toy options that are again inexpensive which is perfect for a gift but you may find something that you would love to get your dog! The first dog toy is this adorable pink elephant which is one of the most popular cloth toys. She has crinkly ears as well as a squeaker and a rattle and comes in two sizes. Either large or mini.  The second toy that I found adorable is the blue hippo which like the elephant above has a squeaker and rattle in the belly as well as comes in two different sizes.

I hope this helps with some last minute gift options and that everyone has a fun and loving Christmas!

Elli Elephant
Herni Hippo

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